Monday, September 7, 2009


LeAnne has changed a lot this summer. Her personality is blossoming. The first week of summer she said good bye to her bottle and this summer has said hello to playing in her sand box, starting to say her ABC's & count to 5, sitting on the potty seat, adding new words to her vocabulary, eating fresh veggies from mama's 1st garden, swimming in the kiddie pool at Eagle Crest, going to bed 100% better, sleeping more soundly, building with Mega Bloks, dancing, jumping, running, interacting with others better, sharing her toys with Jakobi, loving balloons, eating yogurt, and oh so much more that I'm sure mama is forgetting. I have loved being home with her and can't wait until next summer!

She often goes into her room, builds something like this, then brings it out to show us!

Check out our beautiful Crepe Myrtle in full bloom. We've enjoyed watching many birds in our yard this summer too.

This is one beautiful bush, now we just have to get it through our cold winter!

Look how our grape plant has grown. This is the biggest of the 3. We'll have grapes in a few years! :-)

It's now time to say good-bye to summer and hello fall. Fall is bringing us cooler weather, county fairs, and kids/teachers going back to school. I'm very excited to see my student! I've missed him a lot this summer and I'm also excited to see him grow/excel this year. I am a little nervous because this year will bring changes for us too. He will be a big 2nd grader and I plan to step back so he can step up. He won't be a little kid forever & there is no time like the present to start helping him be more independent.

Summer I will miss you! I loved having more time to spend with LeAnne & John. I enjoy being a wife & mama so I was very happy having more time to do both! I loved having more time to scrap book. I loved having more time with my new addiction, entering giveaways on blogs. Hey it's free and so far I've won a toddler cookbook, some lunch box notes and now an adorable dress for LeAnne. I have loved being able to clean the house through out the week instead of just on the weekends! I have loved being able to get dinner ready through out the day so when it comes time for the evening I have more time to relax with my family. I loved that I have been working out on a consistent basis for a month now. I have loved the warm weather and enjoying our house. Good bye summer, change is among us.

Hello fall! I am enjoying the feel & smell of the crisp fall mornings. I will be happy to be back with my co-workers because I'll admit I had days where my brain felt like mush, I went a little stir crazy and was screaming on the inside for adult interaction. We must get ourselves involved in a church and make some friends. I can't wait to see family & friends for LeAnne's birthday! I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my nephew in January 2010. I know I am going to win a BIG giveaway this year! I am looking forward to being stretched in all roles of my life this year!

Change is among us. Change is happening all around us everyday. We can't stop change from happening so I'm going to work on embracing change.

Good bye Summer! Hello fall!


Joy said...

Love your crepe myrtle. It really is striking to see and I wish it grew in the north!

Lynette said...

the air will turn crisp
leaves will fall
and your adorable lil one will welcome halloween, thanksgiving and christmas.
then a new year and we start again.

Sweet CuddleCakes said...

She is tooo cute!!

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Fall is my favorite season for sure! Crisp mornings, sweaters, apple picking, stunning colors...

But I'm sad to see summer go! Your pictures are beautiful.