Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Less Words Wednesday - Her hat & reading with daddy!

LeAnne was reading the paper with daddy!

There's that smile on that man I absolutely adore! He's such an awesome daddy! He is so patient with her! He's definitely a blessing from God to his girls & there mama!!

Like LeAnne's new Hat? When I saw this last night I had to turn around, laugh, call John in the kitchen to see. Thankfully it was empty! She kept saying "ha" Which in LeAnne vocab means "hat".

Where did LeAnne go? lol

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mom2anutball said...

So cute! I love the pics of her reading with him! Happy WW!

Rob said...

Great pictures. LOL, Love the hat.

Bridgette said...

Too cute!!!

Felicia said...

That is priceless!! BTW.. my husband has that same shirt. What a precious family God has blessed you with!