Monday, November 23, 2009

Happiest When Busy!

Good Morning! We are 2 very happy girls to have our guy home! His flight came in Saturday afternoon and thankfully his bags made it this time. LeAnne welcomed daddy home by screaming most of the way home because she wanted her pacifier. In between cries she's call for her binky. This didn't help daddy's headache.

I am really beginning to wonder if we should have gone cold turkey with he binky (like with the bottle) instead of letting her have her binky at nap time and bed time. It's been 2 weeks and she is still quite upset at times. Oh boy can she be one emotional little girl! I think during my Christmas break the binky may go bye bye all together. In the mean time daddy & I are digging down deep to find patience! I think next time around if he/she has a binky we will get rid of it earlier. Saying good bye to her bottle was a piece of cake compared to the binky.

Our girl is definitely happiest when busy. On Saturday while I was cleaning the kitchen LeAnne wanted up on the counter where she proceeded to check out every one of my spices, organize them for me, and have a blast with some Cheetos she found in my lunch bag. It was so nice to be able to get the kitchen cleaned in peace and no worries I was never far from her.

The two adorable tee-shirts in these pictures were extras included in my prize pack from Fischer Price. Follow this link to see what I won Fisher-price-baby-giveaway-package. It was definitely my biggest win so far. I am EXTREMELY thrilled with Fischer Price's customer service and the quality of their product. Thank-you Fischer Price!

It was plain nasty outside on Sunday. Lots of wind and rain! So we had a nice relaxing day inside as a family. LeAnne played with the bell daddy got her from Seattle and is learning how to say bell (sounds like bllah), helped mama get 4 scrap book pages completed, watched some Christmas shows (we are trying to teach her to say "ho ho ho" because I think Merry Christmas is a bit much for this LeAnne also played with bubbles in the sink, and a light she figured out how to turn on in the kitchen (she has her own spot light). It was so nice to have our guy home to share life with! We treasure our guy!

Just wait until you see the Wordless Wednesday photos this week...


Who's that adorable girl on mama's cell phone? Yep it's YOU!

She had more fun in that very spot!

Yummy! Found some Cheetos to munch on & later arranged with a fork on the cookie sheet you can see in the above picture.

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