Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Almost Wordless Wedneday - Fun at Oma's House

Warning: this isn't so wordless so I guess you could call it wordfull (not sure that's a word thought) LOL!! Below are some pictures of LeAnne's day with Oma (Grandma Marcia) LeAnne loves her Oma very much!

She loves wearing Oma's glasses

Thank-you for the stickers Nana Alice! LeAnne thinks they look great on Oma's arm.

This is LeAnnes awesome desk at Oma's. She spends a lot of time here coloring. Thank-you Auntie Kym for letting her borrow it at Oma's.

Time to make sugar cookies at Oma's with her cousins.

Here is a short video clip I took of her enjoying the beaters. :-) Thanks for stopping by our family blog. Have a blessed day!!

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Kristie said...

Grandparents' houses are always the best place to have fun and get goodies! LOL! Your little girl is adorable!

I think it's neat that she calls her Grandma Oma-my little ones call my parents Oma and Opa too! :-)

Felicia said...

So sweet!! I bet she will always remember these sweet moments.

Ann On and On... said...

What better place for the stickers than Grandma's arm... I love it.

Such a cute video- what a good helper! :)

Jamie said...

Those glasses are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Such good memories she'll have!

Julie@Momspective said...

Those are great! Looks like fun!

Marie said...

Looks like a great time at Oma's. My little guy calls his grandparents Oma and Opa too.
Love the picture in the glasses.