Sunday, January 10, 2010

Potty Training Day 1

Here we go embarking on another life changing milestone in 2010! I had to chuckle when I thought about my sister teaching herself to knit on her birthday this year and here I am starting to potty train our daughter on my birthday. hee hee! LeAnne helped me assemble her potty chair first thing this morning. The first time I asked her to go potty, she flipped out so it took a bit of bribery from an M&M to get her to come back into the bathroom and sit down. It got much easier after the first time. Today I have been taking her potty every 15 minutes. She has her own special potty training book to read, then we recite the ABC, talk about colors & shapes trying to get her to sit on her potty chair for a little bit longer. When at my mom's for my birthday dinner, we set up her potty in G-ma's bathroom and she was actually asking me to go potty a lot. This evening while she was trying to go potty I started saying come on potty and before I knew it she was saying "come on potty". Hee hee! She is talking so much better these days, it's pretty adorable! She never actually went potty today but she is going to try willingly so that's a first step right? John is picking up some pull ups tonight because taking diapers on and off is for the birds! I hope to get her into big girl panties as soon as possible but I think I should have her know what it actually means to go potty before I do that, right? Any & all thoughts/advice welcome!

Our baby is turning into a little girl! On one hand its sad to say good bye to her baby days but the big girl days are a fun new adventure too! Around 7pm on this first day of potty training I found myself digging deep to find more patience. Oh my girl you're stretching your mama again....Thank-you!! As I celebrate my birthday I recall a time not so long ago I wasn't sure I'd be able to have my own children. Thank-you Lord for answering our prayers!

Check out LeAnne's adorable Fischer Price Cheer for Me Potty Chair! Oh my word I never ever would have thought I'd hear myself say adorable & potty in the same sentence. LOL!!

She looks worried. :-)


Kimberly@PrettyPinkMomma said...

That picture is definitely a keeper to bring out for when she is older and you want to embarrass her :)

I have only potty trained boys and it was horrible both times - I hear girls are much easier. I'm sure that she will get the hang of it sooner rather than later.

Lynette said...

your right that is a adorable potty! congrats on the big step and happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Potty training is a BIG step. LeeAnne sure looks like her daddy. Happy belated birthday to you!

Kathie said...

We have the very same potty. DD is also big on Elmo and she got an Elmo Goes Potty book for Christmas that she reads when she goes potty.

We have been potty training her for about three weeks now. It's been a week now that she's gone in it all day long. Only two days we've had accidents.

We put her in big girl panties right away. We wanted to teach her the importance (and emphasize that they are big girl panties. it also helps if you let her pick them out and make a big deal out of them. less likely to go potty in them, ya know?) We only put a diaper on her at naptime and bed time. We did put them on her for commuting to and from places like the stores and such but just recently bought the pull-ups for the commuting. We haven't tried to get rid of the nap and bed time ones yet but we are only our way.

We also use the M&M's as rewards but we use those for the "poo" and peppermint (she LOVES peppermint) tic tacs for "pee" The minute we tried those is when it really started kicking in and working. Never thought candy would help get the potty training on a roll but it did.


Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Potty training is a big step! I was babysitting when I first started potty training Chloe so I was actually training two at once! What helped was fun bathroom activities!
They were excited to read stories, sing songs and work on numbers and such. The funny thing was Chloe could hardly talk when we first started.

Good luck my friend!