Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 is off to a GREAT start!!

We've already had few big milestones in our house this year!

LeAnne is now eating all her meals at the table in a booster seat! She loves being at the table with us and is doing very well. She's even keeping her food on her plate and using her napkin, sometimes. Having her at the table makes it feel like a family dinner!

Amanda got home safely & had a nice Christmas with her family in Oregon too! We miss her already!

Drum roll please.....We are a pacifier free house! I started to wean LeAnne off her binky on Tuesday, see Operation Snip the Binky post. Tuesday night her binky came off her ribbon & I made the decision to toss all the binkies. It might have been a hasty decision, it was a gamble, but it paid off. The first nap was not much fun but even by that night she went to bed a lot easier. As of today we are a binky free family! :-)

I am excited to say we made it to church today as a family. We went back to Trinity Baptist Church in Walla Walla. We had been there a few times the first year we lived here but stopped going since LeAnne wouldn't stay in the nursery so it was a long way to drive for me to sit in the nursery. She was quite content playing in the 2-3 year old Sunday School class today. That is until the Sunday School teacher wanted her to sit around a table to listen to a lesson. I was shocked to see the teacher bringing her into service with a binky in her mouth. Ahhh! I quickly took it out of her mouth and was like um this is not hers. She said some mom gave it to her and she forgot who. ICKY & ahh we don't want her to regress. Thankfully she only asked for it a few times today & went to bed fine without one. Whew! I walked around the hall with her a bit until I heard the teacher singing, then took her back into the class. She still didn't want anything to do with not playing to listen to the music. How do I teach our 2 year old to sit still to listen to a bible lesson? Once they started to play again she was fine and I went back to service. Service was OK. The music was great! Hubby & I admit we got really spoiled by our church in Renton. We loved the pastors, the staff, the people, the music and it was 3 minutes from out house. This church wasn't Highlands but we are going to give it a try for a month or so and then go from there.

I am also happy to say John & I have been reading our bible together!! We made the decision to not try to put a time limit on our bible reading because of his work schedule. We ARE going to keep each other accountable to read together when he is off work. I really look forward to reading through the bible with my guy! So far its been a lot of fun and we are learning!!

This has been a really nice break from work and I am so sad to see it coming to an end. I'd really love to be a SAHM but until that happens I am thankful for the job I do have that provides for our family & allows me to be home with our girl more.

2010 is off to an amazing start, stay tune for more adventures with the Leonard's!


Mrs. Mogul said...

hi! I don't seen an email so I am leaving a comment! Congrats! You won the Melissa & Doug grocery store from Mogul Baby! Please write me at with your name and address. You have only until wed to claim this prize!

Together We Save said...

Congrats on being paci free!! What a milestone!!

Kelli said...

I'm shocked that they brought her to you when she wouldn't sit in the 2/3's class for a story. Jay doesn't. . . I'm grateful he'll stay in the room at all they aren't gonna push him to sit quite for a story. As long as he's quite for story, the coming to sit will come later. Mom taught 2/3's Sunday School for years and years and years.