Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mama's New hair style & Bedtime story

Say good bye curls and hello straight sassy hair! This is the first time I've ever parted my hair off to the side. I like it but it's a huge change from my curls. It almost seems like I have no style but I know it will just take some getting use to. I plan to go back in after in a few weeks to get some highlights. When I walked in the door, LeAnne said "oh no mama Hair". :-) So what do you think?

It sounds like LeAnne & Daddy had an amazing day! John can't believe how much she is talking. He said she was trying to carry on a conversation all day long and he heard many new words today. He also started teaching her how to pray before she eats today. Had her fold her hands, then he said "Thank-you God for this food, Amen". Tonight she said "amen". It was so sweet. :-) Here is a short clip of him reading her a bedtime story.

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Lynette said...

Love the hair! I am wanting to change mine so bad. But I know it never works out. Just a bad hair person I guess.

Gosh she is doing so well. Time to start on college prep!