Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moments of our lives

Hi family & friends! I am going to start a new reoccurring theme here at Life with the Leonard's call Moments of our lives. My plan is to jot down things that happen in our lives daily and share the post at then end of the week. One of my biggest reasons for doing this is our little LeAnne is changing so much all the time and I don't want to forget the things she does and/or says.  This has already helped me with my scrap book journal writing. So here we go...

Tue 7/27/10 - John, LeAnne & I were on our way to town to go grocery shopping.  We were listening to LeAnne's Bible Action song CD after LeAnne said "Jesus please" like she does whenever we get in the car, which means she wants to listen to her Jesus CD.  The next thing we know she is singing to the songs! This is the 1st time she's EVER done this!  To hear her utter songs of praise made us so happy!  I know Jesus was happy too!

Thurs 7/29/10 - Today's craft project was to decorate a letter D.  I had glue on a paper plate, and a bowl of items for LeAnne to use.  In the bowl were marshmallows, various small noodles, buttons, rice and then I had glitter to go on top to add some bling. The first thing LeAnne did was put her finger in the glue and lick it. Oh the face she made.  Then she took a glue soaked marshmallow off the D I had put on for an example and ATE it! Ahhh!  It went down hill from there! She collected all the marshmallows and ate them. Then tried to eat the pasta and got made that it was hard.  I tried to get her to help me decorate the D and she put on the buttons but wanted nothing to do with putting on the pasta, and rice. Oh She did help with the sparkles (barxles as she calls them)  In the end I did a fabulous job decorating the letter D. It's my fault this happen, one day I tell her it's okay to eat your art (painting with pudding) and the next day it's not okay. LOL!!
Our Letter D crafts
Mama's beautifully decorated Letter D

Fri 7/30/10 - We were sitting at the kitchen table this morning, she was coloring and I was entering giveaways.  I sneezed and all on her own she says "bless you".  Oh my word! That today warmed my heart.

Fri 7/30/10 - LeAnne & I went to a really cute local bakery to have a doughnut since we have been focusing on the letter D this week I thought it was a fighting end to the week.  we had our doughnut, went to the park to play for a bit and then went over to water Grandma Marcia's flowers.  As we drove to the park she was singing the wheels on the bus song but since it's off her bible action CD its a different version and she was singing "the drive says go to church". It was adorable.

Friday 7/30/10 - As John is buckling in to LeAnne into her car seat she spells STOP then says Stops (we have a stop sign in front of our house. It was sweet!  Could she really be starting to get the concept that letter put together are words?

Saturday 7/31/10 - LeAnne asked for a glass of milk, this is a rarity because she's not a milk drinker. As I was cleaning up dinner dishes I hear her saying drinking slowly and I was puzzled as to why she would say that. Then it dawned on me that morning she'd watched a Word World where duck didn't drink his milk slowly so he got the hiccups. ha ha!

Saturday 7/31/10 - LeAnne was very into dressing up today. She even brought me her Easter hat and said "mama top hat" LOL!! :-) 

One of her interesting outfits on Saturday        


I also want to add we are very proud of our oldest daughter Amanda, for doing a great job at her first job driving combine.  She has been harvesting rye grass the last 2 weeks and was recently switched to wheat.  She's not exactly happy with this switch because she has to pay closer attention but it is a raise in pay so I say keep your eye on the prize and think of the money you're making to buy your first car.  She has 3 more weeks of harvesting to go.  We miss her like crazy and can't believe it's possible she will be a senior in high school come September.  


Amanda said...

good shes not a milk drinker just like me =] be careful though I am now slightly lactose intolerant grr

Eva said...

Love love love your new weekly post! Such a great idea! I can't believe how big she's getting. It seems like not that long ago when you and I were struggling to get pregnant. And now look!

Traci Michele said...

Leanne is simply adorable! Love her outfit!

Genny said...

I love the theme Moments in our Lives! I think it's the ordinary moments that are the most special anyway!

motherknowsless said...

Love your post Leanne is a beauty I am so impressed with your daughter harvesting. Here they do the sileage in June and the second cut in Aug. The farmer behind us does his fields the "Old" way with round bales drying in the sun. It looks like a Monet painting!