Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Music to my ears...

Good Morning!! It's Wordless Wednesday and I have not taken a single photo since last week! (gasp!) I've thought a lot about pictures I want to take, thought many times about getting up to get my camera while John's folks were here but it just didn't happen.  I went to the doctor last week for a variety of things and left with many follow up appointments with other specialists. No worries, as health goes I have no major problems, just a few minor things that need taken care of and a lot of preventative things.  One of these things are some plantar warts, I though were corns on my foot and have neglected for way too long. Anyway I went last Thursday morning to have them looked at by a dermatologist. He froze a few and put some blister juice (his technical terms) on a few others.  I am on the mend but I've been doing my fair share of hobbling around. The end results will be good but in the mean time all I can say is OUCH! Hence no pictures today. 

We had a very nice time with John's folks!  It is always nice when they come to visit.  I especially loved watching LeAnne warm up to them a lot this time!  Her Grampy could do no wrong and she couldn't wait to show him everything.  She also had her fair share of cuddle time with Grammy who says she's her favorite 2 year old grand-daughter. :-) She enjoyed baking cookies with Grammy too! Yummy!  Since they left she's been asking about them and we hope to get down to see them very soon.

I know I've said it before and I'll say it again but I can't believe how quickly LeAnne is changing.  She's growing up right before my eyes.  It seems like just yesterday I was wondering if she'd ever talk and on our way into town to do errands yesterday she was singing along to some of he bible action songs.  Up until yesterday she has only been singing two songs ABC's & Twinkle Twinkle Little Star so both daddy & I were shocked to hear her singing along with her CD.  It was absolutely priceless!  :-) 

I love being our little girl's mama!  It is such a blessing to be home with her in the summer.  Of course I wish it would be a full time gig but for now it can't so I am focusing on what I have instead of what just can't be at the moment.  We continue to work on a letter a week, we are on the letter D this week.  Our darling daughter had been discovering D sounds like in duck, dog, dancing, dig, donkey, dinner, and so on. Today we are going to paint made with vanilla pudding & food coloring. I WILL take pictures and post them this week. :-) 

I must sign off and go make my guys lunch. It's been great to have him home for 7 days.  I appreciate how well he takes care of his family!  He plays an active role in every aspect of our lives and is an amazing leader, helper, and encourager. I love watching his whole face light up when LeAnne does something precious.  :-) 

Thank-you Lord for blessing our lives!!  Thank-you for all you provide for our family! :-)

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Lynette said...

Thanks for the love,
Thanks for the prayers,
but most of all
Thanks for being there.

You are one I can always count on to make my day. And once again the simple beauty of life shines through. I would love to sit and hear the singing too. Maybe a VLOG coming up for you?