Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Trip to Western Washington

On Friday June 25th Grandma Marcia, LeAnne & I drove to Western Washington.  We had a very busy week full of fun for all and learning for me!  My Aunt Katie hosted a very fun Mary Kay skin care party!  She introduced me to a few very nice ladies and I learned a lot from a fellow beauty consultant who came to help me run the party. Sunday LeAnne spent some time with family while I assisted a friend, now my awesome Mary Kay director with a very fun skin care party.  I learned a lot of great tips and had a blast!  Saturday afternoon we had dinner at my little bro's house and played with my adorable nephew.  He's 5 months now and so strong. 

Then Monday Auntie Katie, Grandma Marcia, Jakobi, LeAnne and I headed to Ocean Shores.  I had not been to the beach since our trip to Lincoln City, Oregon with Amanda when I was only a few months pregnant with Leanne!  I was very excited when my Auntie suggested we head to Ocean shores.  LeAnne & Jakobi were equally as excited for the beach.  LeAnne had never been to the Ocean so she kept talking about seeing the ocean and playing in the big sandbox. We first stopped in Elma for a bit to eat & a ride on the pony. It was in the mid 60's cloudy with occasional sun breaks with enough wind for the kids to be able to fly their own kites.  We headed straight for the water where LeAnne had no fear of the ocean waves.  She kept saying here comes and smiling.  Then the kids and I build sand castles, smashed sand castles, flew a kite and went back to the water.  They had a very nice time playing for about 2 1/2 hours.  Then we got lunch, browsed some shops, both kids got tee shirts and ice cream.  Thank-you so much auntie Katie!!


On Tuesday Grandma Marcia, LeAnne & I had brunch with Nataly and did some shopping.  Then after I survived being stuck in traffic I had a great training session with my Mary Kay director. I stepped out of my comfort zone and lived to tell about it. Then that night the three of us headed out to stay with Grandma Alice.  LeAnne absolutely loved playing the organ while singing Twinkle Twinkle little star. 

Wednesday we hung out around Grandma Alice's until that afternoon when we went back to my little brother's house for another visit.  His little boy is absolutely adorable.  Both visits LeAnne did very well with her cousin and even said she wanted to have a little brother or sister at home.  I told her to tell daddy. :-) 

We headed home early Thursday morning.  It was a great drive and it feels so good to be home.  Our guy had the house clean, told me I couldn't do anything for an hour after being home and treated his girls to Mexican dinner. It was a very fun week and now I'm so happy to be home! 

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