Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New additions to the Leonard Family

Late Saturday night June 2nd I get a text from my husband that says "Might have a new family member" with a picture of two puppies in a box. My initial reaction was "Really"? Then he explained a patient at the Veterans hospital had found them at a rest stop on his way to WW from Idaho.  He explain to John and his partner that while in the restroom he saw a box, thought nothing of it until it moved and that is when he discovered the puppies. He couldn't leave them.  Upon arriving at the Veteran Hospital he brought them to the police because he couldn't keep them during his appointment at the sleep lab and really had no place for them because he himself was living in hotel.  The next text I receive is a picture of John and the little brown female saying Can we keep her?  Please please please!!  He and I went back and forth about the costs until he said "afford a dog"?  "you want a whole person". He has a point.  So I gave in and said okay.

He show up Sunday morning after hi shift with a box and there are 2 puppies in it. TWO!  I thought we were only getting the female?  He said "well I couldn't separate them and the veteran can't keep him". Well LeAnne and I started taking a liking to BOTH puppies right away then the male quickly because LeAnne's favorite.  So now we have two puppies! 

We named the brown female Ginger due to her coloring.  LeAnne call her "Ginger bread".  We named the black male Kane which means little battler.  LeAnne calls him Candy Kane.  They are very sweet puppies and quite adorable.  We think they are Irish Terriers.  We shall see what the vet has to say. 

I still can't believe our dog family has gone from 2 to 4 just like that.  Bella could care less and Gracie is a tiny bit jealous but more taking on a motherly role with them.  :-)

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