Sunday, June 10, 2012

Teach Your Tween Girls About True Beauty with Help From Lily {Giveaway}

One of my desires a Godly woman is to teach my daughter to be modest and help her through those awkward years.  Since my daughter is only 4 years old I thought I would have some time to learn how to teach her but she' already began to notice women on TV wearing rather risque' clothing moving inappropriately.  I've begun by simply saying that clothing is not appropriate and then showing her examples of women dressing modestly. I am also realizing I am already starting to build a foundation of what it looks like to be a young lady both in regards to outward appearance, actions and self worth.

I was very excited today to find this review and giveaway on My Four Monkey's blog! Thank-you Nancy Rue for writing a books young girls can relate to and  learn biblical principals to help them go through those awkward years. 

Her the fiction book Here’s Lily starts the conversation about her body and her sense of self worth. I remember how difficult these years were and now as a teachers aide in an elementary school I've watched young girls go through so many changes. Here’s Lily and The Beauty Book (geared for girls ages 7-11).Here’s Lily is a fiction read with no pictures and short easy to read chapters. The story follows fun, and entertaining sixth grader, Lily, as she discovers what ‘real beauty’ is.

Click here to see a digital flipbook of Here’s Lily
The informative book The Beauty Book provides tips and tricks for various beauty related topics from hair to nails.  It also includes fun quizzes and activities she can do with her friends.


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Head on over to My Four Monkey's blog to enter to win a copy of Here’s Lily and The Beauty Book!

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