Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Family Members

Late one night on June I received a text from my husband saying we may have a new family member. I am like WHAT? He proceeds to tell me a veteran coming from Idaho who had an appointment at the sleep lab coming stopped in a rest area and saw a box in the bathroom. He didn't think much of it until the box started to move and that is when he discovered two puppies. (not more than 6 weeks old) So he brought them to the VA police because he couldn't take them to his appointment and really didn't have a home for them. John and his partner said they would find homes for them. Well it didn't take long until John fell in love with the female. I finally agreed he could bring HER home. The next morning he walks in the door with a crate and lots of puppies supplies. In the crate were TWO puppies. He didn't have the heart to separate the two puppies! 

So we welcome Kane (little battler) and Ginger to our family.  Ginger is by far my favorite just because she so personable and loveable.  Kane is a sweetie too. I am still hoping John can find a good home for him.  I am thinking 4 dogs is just too many for our family.  We'll see... 

Gracie LOVES them but Bella isn't happy at all ! She growls and snaps at them constantly. They just keep going back for more. 
Who could say no to this picture?
Close up of Ginger

Kane & Ginger in the box their were found in

Kane and Ginger eating

LeAnne quickly fell in love with the puppies

Kane & Ginger on LeAnne's sandbox

It can be hard to type with puppies on the keyboard

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Danica Bridges-Martin said...

Wow, how kind of you to take puppies in! We recently bought our 1st puppy and she sure keeps us busy!!! :) Danica