Tuesday, August 7, 2012

River Front Park in Spokane

On June 21, 2012 John, my Auntie Katie, LeAnne and I headed to Spokane to spend the day at River Front Park. The trip started off a bit interesting when while going driving around many curves at a high rate of speed made LeAnne get car sick. Thank goodness I had a bag for icky clothes, a wash cloth to clean her face and new clothes for her to put on. Ever since she got car sick when she was 2 or 3 I always try to be prepared.  It was a very warm day but we were able to find shade and places to cool off.  It was a blast. 

Cheese! :-)

Cool Clock tower!
Classic LeAnne - Picking her nose!

Wee! Loving the Dragon coaster with Daddy!

Daddy wasn't so sure about the Ferris Wheel but she loved it!

Striking a pose

HUGE Red wagon

The Sky ride was so HOT!!

crossing her legs like daddy does!

View from Sky ride of Spokane River

Dad getting her pumped for a ride

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