Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Fun

Here are some fun things we've done this summer!  It's been a very laid back summer and I am okay with that. I thought I would make it a busy summer but that just hasn't happen and its okay. LeAnne has been staying up late and sleeping in until at least 7am which is so nice. I so enjoy being a summer SAHM.  IF I was ever to be a full time SAHM I would have to make myself get into a routine on a daily basis so we were sure to get out of the house, and socialize with others.  Sometimes I get a little stir crazy and need adult conversation.  LeAnne is a joy to be with and there is never a dull moment!  She has been busy, asking me WHY many times a day and growing up so much. She's ready to go back to school NOW! Misses school and her friends!  I can't believe she will be in Kindergarten.

First time EVER getting nails painted!

Grandpa came to visit!

Grocery List

LeAnne Lalaloopsy

Picking Blueberries! We picked 12 pounds in 45 minutes!

Ready to swim

Sprinkler Fun

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