Sunday, February 3, 2013

28 week Ultrasound

On January 30th I got another glimpse of our boy. I had a 28 week ultrasound to check on little man's growth.  He was all bunched up which made it very difficult for the tech to get the pictures of his heart she wanted.  His growth looks great. Heart rate was 151, which Dr V said was great.  My blood pressure was 140/75, I am measuring right on track and the nurse asked how I liked my weight loss program so I am thinking that meas I lost more weight. LOL!!!  I also had my glucose test which I hope comes back negative.

My next Dr appointment will be February 13th. Then two weeks later, at 32 weeks I will start having once a week non-stress tests and Doctor appointments. Dr. V wants to keep a close eye on us since I am high risk due to my blood pressure and age.  I can't believe how quickly my pregnancy is starting to go.  I am feeling like its crunch time and I need to get everything ready just in case I need to be on bed rest.  I am so looking forward to meeting my baby boy!

So these are the feet kicking me at night. :-)
Precious little face

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