Friday, February 15, 2013

LeAnne's First Ski Trip

On February 14, 2013 LeAnne's elementary school went to Bluewood in Dayton, WA to ski for the day. LeAnne was very excited to ski but that excitement soon turned to tears and a major meltdown after she didn't like the helmet and she had a rough time walking in the snow. She refused to participate in the ski lesson and instead cried at Daddy's feet.  We tried to coax her but knowing our girl we knew it would not work until it was her idea.  So we all headed back to the lodge to get something to eat and rest.  A while later her friends came into the lodge from their lesson and LeAnne told daddy she wanted to Ski with her friend Mylie.  :-)  She we all headed back outside and she did it! She was very proud of herself and kept wanting to try.  She would try a few times, then take a break to play in the snow and then try again.  Poor daddy was quite sore from putting skis on and off of her and her friend Mylie.  He was very proud of his little girl though!!  Her school will be going once more this year and she can't wait!

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