Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Visit to Perinatal Doctor

On February 25th John, LeAnne and I headed to Tri-Cities to see a doctor about one very special little boy still on on the inside.  At my last regular OB appointment my doctor told me he would like to me to see a specialist for an ultrasound.  He said that during my last ultrasound the tech was unable to see the ventricular blood flow in and out of Christian's heart and even though he didn't think it was anything he would feel more comfortable if we could get a better look.  I've been quite nervous and doing all I could do to convince myself it was just because our little man had himself all crunched up in a ball and the tech couldn't get the picture.  The ultrasound tech at the perinatal office was amazing and the equipment was first rate.  The first thing we saw was little man is head down.  We saw him breathing, opening his mouth, and she was able to counter that he has all his fingers and toes. :-)  Part way through the ultrasound she had me lie on my side and walked out for a few minutes.  I later learned she was trying to get him into a better position so she could get the views she needed of his heart and see his fingers that he was lying on.  To my relief she was able to see the blood flow my doctor was concerned about right away.  I was a tad bit nervous when the actual doctor came in and they started talking in code. Once she had all the pictures she needed, she walked us down to the doctors office.  This guy may be good at what he does but he seriously lacks in bedside manner. One of his first statements were well no way to say this but just say it. My heart skipped a few beats and I was like huh, what are you talking about.  He started by asking me if I had had any surgeries or medical conditions. Then asked if either John or I had any family history of birth defections or genetic preconditions. We were like um no. Then he stated due to my age I was probably aware I was at a higher risk of our son having Down Syndrome. I was like yes.  Then he brought up a picture of a heart on his computer screen and went on to tell us that he was able to see the blood flow in and out of the heart that was the concern, he saw the four chambers, a few other things (I don't recall the terms he used) but that their was one thing they couldn't see.  So I am sitting there thinking okay so what's next, another specialist, another ultrasound at a later date? Then John asked if he had concerns.  He said no I am pleased with what we saw and believe everything will be fine and its nearly impossible to see everything on an ultrasound.  I left the office with rather mixed emotions.  I am thankful they saw the blood flow that they were concerned about but don't like the fact that they're is an unknown.  I've been concerned this whole pregnancy about something going wrong or being wrong with our little one but God is on control.  God has a plan for our son and I have faith it's a wonderful plan.  Its comforting to know our son is being wonderfully made inside my womb and the plan for his life is already set by God.  As I type this blog entry little mister is rolling around and kicking me which is so COOL!  I can't wait to listen to his heart beating tomorrow while I have my Non Stress Test.  Tomorrow I begin weekly NST's and doctor appointments.  Oh I forgot to mention the tech told us he is measuring at 4 pounds 4ounces.  I think I read somewhere that he will gain half a pound a week until delivery so if I go to term he could weight 8 pounds or so.  I have this gut feeling he will be born early because LeAnne was born 2 weeks early but nothing about this pregnancy has been like it was with LeAnne so I could be all wrong.  

I am excited his room is now painted, the wall border is up and I've washed what clothes I do have for him.  Invitations for my baby shower went out last Saturday.  John and I will be bringing up baby gear and buying his bedding set and curtains this weekend.  I so look forward to all preparations being completed so all their is left to do is wait for his arrival.

31 weeks in Christian's room ! :-)

Here are some pictures of our little boy on the inside.  31 weeks 6 days gestation  

3D of his face 

3D of his face

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Danica Bridges-Martin said...

Sometimes the doctors sure know how to scare pregnant women, it's happened to a couple of my friends! :) Danica