Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rolling over and nose to nose with a horse

Lil miss LeAnne is a rolling machine these days! We put her on her back on the floor and before ya know it BAM she's on her back. Well today she rolled over onto her tummy and then rolled over again onto her back. She did this a few times -- it was COOL! She's getting a lot stronger. We went to watch my nieces ride their horses this morning and LeAnne met the horses. She was nose to nose with Savana's horse Teaz. Her eyes were HUGE! She kept on watching the horses as they practiced. Her auntie Kim is already giving her horsey rides on her knee to strengthen her ridding muscle and LeAnne LOVES it. It is so NICE to be close to my sis and nieces again. Hopefully mama will be with us soon too. Looks like she may be getting an offer on her house tomorrow! Well John should be home anytime. He worked an 8 hour shift today, works a 12 hours shift tomorrow and then is off Fri, Sat, Sun. SWEET! If the weather is decent we wanna walk around the town of Dayton a little bit. Lots of love flying at ya from Dayton.

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