Monday, August 10, 2009

Tagged for 6 Things meme

I was tagged for the 6 things meme by Lynette

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First: I have a learning disability. The general term is dyslexia but more specifically Dyspraxia (widely pervasive motor condition characterized impairment or immaturity of the organization of movement) Even more specifically Dysgraphia (Common symptoms is poor letter formation in printing and cursive handwriting) Basically my small muscles don't cooperate. My 3rd grade teacher told me to learn to type, I use cutting tools when at all possible, and I find alternate ways/tools to do things with my small muscles. I also had difficulties learning math and had study a lot harder to get the information to sink in. I would hear it, say it and write it. I used flash cards to study a lot. I think it's important to know I consider my dyslexia to be a BLESSING, I am thankful for the teachers who taught me how to overcome, thankful for my mama's outlook & encouragement and I feel it has shaped who I am. I also believe because of my dyslexia my eyes were open to the fact that there is more than one way of doing something and everyone has something special to contribute.

Second: I am a morning person! I LOVE mornings! Mornings rock! I have not slept in past 7:30am in a long long time. During the summer when I am not working I set my alarm for 5 or 5:30am and during the school year I set my alarm for 4am. I love everything about morning! I love watching the sun rise, I love hearing the birds chirping, I love seeing our wild Turkey walk down the road and I enjoy this time to myself. I work out in the morning, I surf the web, I have quite time with God, I read a book, I scrap book or catch up on episodes of my fave shows on DVR. On the flip side I do get sleepy pretty early in the evening and I am in bed most nights by 9pm.

Third: I am happiest when our house is clean, and clutter free! Here is the kicker
organizational skills could use some work. As my husband will tell you not many things in our house have a permanent home. When I put things away (especially in the kitchen) I put them where they fit instead of back into a specific place. I get frustrated of course when then I can't find what I want and my husband's response is "Is it in the freezer". He says this because there was a time I put a pen in the freezer. I try not to have junk drawers because I know I'd fill them up and my husband gets on me about cleaning up the junk corners when the piles get too big. I am a special one! :-)

Fourth: My dream car is a Ford Mustang! I either want a restored classic fastback (not sure on year) or a newer (more square not round) souped up/tricked out model. I want it to be black with some sort of cotton candy pink markings. For my 30th birthday my husband surprised my by renting a Mustang for us to drive on our weekend away. He's the coolest!! I might be old and gray before I get my Mustang but I will own one. My grand kids will be saying "look out here comes grandma"! hee hee

Fifth: Their is a much trimmer, fitter, sexier woman inside of me screaming to get out! I've struggled with my weight most of my life! It sucks! I was the happiest with my body when I lived in Kentucky. I managed a Thoroughbred breeding/sales farm and worked my buns off 6 days a week. My weight got even worse when I had my gallbladder removed. On a positive note I've been doing a low impact aerobics workout every other day for a few weeks now. I just have to keep it up, eat well and drink lots of water. I can do it!!

Sixth: I LOVE water!! I love the sound of water because it is very relaxing. I love the feel of water. I would love a hot tub someday. I was quite the fish when I was a kid. I love swimming under water. I love drinking water. I love watching the ocean waves. I love the sound of the ocean. Hey maybe I a mermaid. Ha ha! For my 30th birthday (see pic below) my husband & I took a mini vacation to the Inn at Deer Harbor on Orcas Island, which is in Washington State. We were surrounded by water and the room has a jacuzzi tub and our own private hot tub on the porch! It was heaven!!

Well there are my 6 things. Now I get to tag six of y'all. Ok here it goes:

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Lynette said...

omg you sound like me
really you do!
dyslexia me
Mornings rock! me
happiest when our house is clean me (but i am ocd about this one)
Their is a much trimmer, fitter, SEXIER woman inside of me screaming to get out! ME! and working on it
mustang is my College Girls fav car and she has a 86 ford mustang now
WATER WATER WATER Me i am a water baby in my mind.

great meme