Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Firsts & Fun

We had a pretty low key family weekend at home. John worked on getting his shop set up the way he wants it and it is looking great. LeAnne loves to hang out in the shop with daddy. She sweeps, colors on scrap wood, sits on his stool to color on his note pad, dances to his music and just explores dad's digs. She's definitely a daddy's girl and I couldn't be more thrilled! I pray their close relationship continues through out her life. Lately she's been walking around the house saying "Da Da Er are you"? or daddy er are you?. It's too cute. Check out the videos below.

Poor lil girl got her first bee sting on Sunday. I was talking on the phone to my auntie when I saw her reach for something moving in the grass, then she started to whimper, and that's when I saw the bee in the grass. She got stung on her wrist. We put ice on it and then a baking soda paste. She was more upset about us trying to make her hold still than she was about the bee sting. We watched her closely but she handled it like a trooper.

In other fun news I won my first giveaway this weekend! I won a cookbook called Toddler Cafe. It is supposed to be filled with ideas for feeding picky toddlers. Thank-you Muse Reviews!

Here are some random pix of our princess this weekend.

Our pretty princess sporting a Tinkerbell dress. I was sorting through some clothes this afternoon when I came across this dress in the box of clothes we got from cousin Emma. LeAnne thought it was pretty so we put it on and wore it all afternoon. It's a 3T so a little sloppy yet.

Sweeping daddy's shop!

She's walking up & down our stairs by herself now. EEKS! Isn't this outfit too cute. Thank-you Karen M.

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