Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2 Year Wellness Check up & Shots

LeAnne now weighs 26lbs 15 ounces (1 oz shy of 27lbs), is 34 inches long and I don't recall the measurement but Dr said she's in the 80th percentile for her head circumference. She's gotta have a big head to store all those brains! So she's on track to be tall, skinny and smart! Ha ha!

She was one unhappy girl the second we walked into the exam room. She didn't want the nurse or Dr touching her, she screamed and clung tightly to me. Poor girl wasn't happy at all. Her doctor says she's one healthy girl. His words about how to handle her emotions/tantrums/terrible 2's were reassuring. He says ignoring her when she's screaming will get her to stop fastest. That any positive or negative attention is still attention and she'll play to the audience longer. lol! The next 2 things he said kinda have my head spinning a little. He said she needs to be done with having a pacifier as soon as possible. He said they like them to be done at 15 months and at 3 years old it can start to do permanent damage to her teeth. Ahhh she loves her binky! So now I'm trying to figure out the best way to get rid of the binky. Do we have a binky round up and she goes cold turkey? Do we only start letting her have it in her crib and then eventually just lose it? hmmm! Suggestions? The other thing that has me perplex is potty training. He said girls usually train closer to 2 years old, that we should help her develop a word for what she is doing, training goes better if its more her idea and a positive experience. He suggested rewards like big girl panties, a snack or a toy. My concerns are this; how do I start, how do I help her understand she is suppose to go on the potty, I was thinking about having her try ever 15 minutes but I can see her getting mad at me, and will she get the concept if I say okay you go potty on the big girl toilet and you can have a balloon? I know I will look back at this someday and think its silly I was overwhelmed.

She was really unhappy when she had to get one shot at the Dr office then we went over to the Flu shot clinic to get her and I a flu shot. She soon forgot about being upset and had a wonderful day with daddy. Then it all came back to her when she saw the band aids on her legs during bath time. She was traumatized all over again. Poor girl! She ended up going to bed at 7pm because she was exhausted.

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MommyBrain said...

My 27 month old still has her binky ... but only in the crib. I cannot stand the thought of taking it away from her. She loves that thing and it soothes her ... and I don't want to be the meanie that tells her, "No more, binky!"

Potty training has been an experience. We've been tiptoeing toward it for about 6 weeks. We really try some days and others we don't even think about it. She's had lots of successes (she makes all her poopies in the potty), but we are no where near trained. Making the time on the potty "fun" is the only advice I have ... and you will spend A LOT of time on that darn potty. We read books, sing songs, draw on the lid with crayons (sometimes she sits backward), look at photo albums, ... it's exhausting for sure. And it's hard to clear that much time in our daily schedule.

Good luck! Your little one is just precious ... and so tall, like my NHV :)