Monday, October 5, 2009

Caution: Hard hat required & tissues optional

In our house we know fall is here when the Walnuts begin to fall and our back yard turns into a hard hat area! Last year the day after LeAnne's birthday 99% of the Walnuts fell off the tree in ONE day! It was a mess! LeAnne has know for sometime the Walnuts are icky so she either brings them to me or puts them in a put. Yesterday when we went outside she was on a mission to pick up Walnuts and boy did she have plenty to keep her busy. Mama loves having a helper.

I was shocked when I saw her bucket was almost full shortly after we got outside! I picked up 5 of these buckets yesterday & there are a lot more on the ground & in the tree. Walnuts anyone? We've been told these are black walnuts.

And she's off to pick up more Walnuts! :-)

October 4, 2009 - When I saw this picture today it reminded me of the next 2 photos. Oh how she's grow! I can't believe our little girl is almost 2 years old (October 11th)! We are so very excited to see everyone at her birthday party this upcoming Saturday!

LeAnne's vocabulary is growing all the time, she's starting to pronounce her words more clearly and just this weekend has started to let me know when she does not want to wear something. On Saturday I wanted to put a really cute blue hooded fleece top on her, she squirmed & screamed until I stopped and she was thrilled when I put her Minnie Mouse fleece top on her. Then yesterday I had put her in some cozy stretch pants for her nap, after her nap we were going back outside so I went to put some jeans on her and again she screamed & squirmed then handed me the stretch pants she had been wearing. YIKES!

I am in awe of our little girl! She's such a blessing! She is developing quite the personality and so far it's a great mixture of both her parents. She's very loving, loves to be busy, loves to figure things out, has amazing fine motor skills for her age, this girl has a set of lungs on her for sure, she learns how to do things very quickly, loves to draw/write, she gives us the most amazing hugs & kisses and she's a champion sleeper these days.

December 2007 - Such a look LeAnne.

December 2007 - HUH?

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