Monday, October 26, 2009

Good Family Fun with Pumpkins

It was a great weekend for our family! We finished all we set out to do as far as chores go then Sunday we made a trip to the Klickers Pumpkin Patch, did a bit of Christmas shopping for LeAnne and carved our pumpkin after dinner but before bath.

LeAnne was great entertainment at the pumpkin patch. It was like she was on a mission to make sure every pumpkin was standing upright. Once they were upright she would lean down next to them. Sometimes she would try to take a bit, other times it was like she was smelling it or listening to it. It was cute! Of course she LOVED climbing the mountain of straw. The slide was a big hit this year. She went down the first time with daddy and the next time wanted to go by herself.

LeAnne on her mission to make sure all the Pumpkins were standing up straight.

Inspecting the stem?

What is she doing? Hugging the pumpkin? Listening to it? lol

Going down the slide with daddy! Wee!!

Daddy & LeAnne on the mountain of straw

Here she goes, down the slide by herself! :-)


Laying in the straw people watching

It's time to carve our pumpkin!

What are you doing daddy?

You want me to stick my hand in there? uh NO!

I'll watch & use a spoon thanks!

Pumpkin is yummy!

Okay I see mama playing in the pumpkin guts so I'll give it a try.

That's one neat friendly Jack-O-Lantern Daddy!

She had a blast playing in the pumpkin guts & helped us separate the seeds for a tasty treat!

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Priscila said...

oh my gosh how cute!!! Her lying on the hay is darling!!! What a fun day you had!
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