Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Princess!

Happy birthday LeAnne! None of us can believe you are already 2 years old. It seems like just yesterday daddy & I brought you home from the hospital. Looking back now I see how clueless I was about what it really means to be a mama! Being your mama has changed who I am. I've learned more about myself, my faith has been tested & strengthened, I've been forced outside my cozy comfort zone and I survived sleep deprivation! It has been amazing to watch you develop! At this moment I'm looking out our dinning room window at you cleaning the leaves off of daddy's truck and watching him change his windshield wipers. My heart is overflowing with love for you and your daddy. You are one beautiful busy lil bee! Daddy & I love you very much little girl!

LeAnne's birthday party was awesome! LeAnne wore her Minnie Mouse dress tha Auntie Katie brought her from Disneyland and of course she wore the ears earlier in the day but when I put the dress on her she'd have nothing to do with them. My mama made LeAnne the most adorable Minnie Mouse birthday cake! Our house was packed with family eating Papa Murphy's pizza, catching up and watching the birthday girl open up presents. The birthday girl was a trooper through out the whole party. She had just woke up from a nap and was in a super mood. She loved opening her gifts and took time to play with each of them. Once again our family showered our princess with gifts; from tons of Mega Blocks, to musical instruments & a talking Elmo(Thnx Auntie Katie & Auntie Laura for the noise makers) to playdough, to coloring books/crayons, to authentic stuff animals from Disneyland to awesome clothes. She even got a cozy snow suit & Jacket from Dad & Elaine. Special Thank-you to Jakobi for passing on his awesome trucks to LeAnne. She loves them dude! :-) LeAnne wasn't much into eating cake this year but she licked all of the ice cream off her plate. It was a wonderful party. I've heard over and over how impressed people were with LeAnne and what a nice relaxing time they had. SUCCESS!

Just like last year, it's raining leaves & Black Walnuts in our back yard. EEKS! What a mess. We are thankful this year for daddy's new lawn tractor, it will mulch up the leaves. Sweet!

Thank-you Lord for blessing our lives with our precious daughters! Amanda sent me a text this morning that said "she's two today". We look forward to having our girls together at Christmas!

Coloring is serious business. She loves her new big books!

Birthday decor'

She loves her tool set! Daddy has a surprise for her this Christmas. :-)

Bella's got bling too! Good girl Bella!

Grandma Marcia did such an amazing job!!

Blowing out her birthday candle! She knew exactly what to do!

She loves building!

LeAnne's got bling!

Thank-you Jakobi! These trucks are COOL!

Thank-you Grandma Marcia for the awesome birthday cake!!

Birthday girl!!

Licking her plate clean! She loved the ice cream

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Lynette said...

looks like a fun day....amazing 2 yrs old and next will be 22 and in college watch out