Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Operation Snip the binky

We have been having quite the struggle to wean LeAnne from her pacifier (aka binky)! Starting in November it was our goal to only let her have her binky in her bed at nap time and bedtime. Then in a week or 2 we'd just get rid of it all together. Nice plan but that's not the way it's happened. It's not been fun at all, she gets so emotional, calls for her binky, throws a fit when we won't give it to her and has crawled up onto her changing table to get it out of her drawer. It doesn't help that daddy & I have given in on a number of occasions and let her have it. She gets plain ticked off at us when we tell her she can't have it. It makes life very difficult & all of our stress levels go WAY up. It's like were taking away her friend. She definitely has an emotional attachment to it. I can't stress enough that we should have taken it away when she was a year old. She was not near as attached to it. Next time around we'll know better.

So last night I said "okay that's it, I am throwing the binky away". Well this morning I was dreading the days full of screaming so I thought I am going to see if anyone out there as any tips about weaning kids from the pacifier. That's when I came across an article about a mom who snipped a hole in the binky and when the little boy went to suck on it he said something like "broken". He carried it around, tried to suck on it but eventually forgot about the binky all together and the mom threw them away.

I am going to give it a try. I cut off the tips of the binky so she has no way of getting any suction. She could bite on it but not get suction. Oh lets hope this works. I am thinking if it's her idea to not have it anymore it might happen quicker and less painful. I gave it to her a minute ago, she tried to suck on it, pulled it out quickly, looked at it and said "oh no, binky, broke, oh no" She is trying to suck on it though. I think I will give it a day, then tomorrow cut off more until there is nothing but the plastic part left. I'll keep ya updated.

Tip snipped off the binky.


Eva Foster said...

Please post a follow up to this! We are trying as well and Mackenzie is the same as LeAnne. A definite emotional attachment. Sometimes she is carrying around 3 or 4 at a time. We talked about how the paci fairy collects them for new babies. I asked if she wanted to give hers to the babies and her exact words were "No, I need them." Errrrr.

The King's Kids said...

As an Educational Psychologist and mom, it usually works great to not talk too much about taking something so "loved" away. As adults, we would get upset if all of a sudden we could't have coffee anymore or our best friend to chat with was taken away. Sometimes a "grown up lovie" like a new stuffed animal (got to get creative) will do the trick and of couse LOTS of postive reinforcement about how great she's doing!!
and of couse Prayer...that works the BEST:)

content2be said...

Someone I know tried the "snipping the tip shorter and shorter" trick, and it worked like a charm. They did it gradually, over a couple of weeks, and it worked! Best of luck. I'm curious to see how it goes, as my Grace is 16 months, and I'm ready to pitch the pacis too! As kids, we all sucked our thumbs, and mom broke us by telling we could only suck our thumbs in bed. We were allowed to go to bed and suck it at anytime, but that was the only permissible place. What kid wants to spend all day in bed?! It worked too!

Anonymous said...

I've heard great things about the "snipping" technique-i hope it works for you. My son is 19mo and we just took his blankie away because its the only thing he sucks his thumb with. Hoping that without the blankie the thimb sucking will stop.

Mrs. H said...

Well, as the mother of a six yr old that still sucks her fingers (only FINALLY this year, it's been reduced to only during bedtime, after trying so many things)... I've been "shoving" the paci into my newborn son's mouth to keep the fingers out! :)

Anonymous said...

i did the same thing to my son when he turned 3 i went to his room took all his pacifiers from under his pillow and i put the scissors in them right in front of him he cried for over a week all most 2 he use to roll himself on the floor crying sayibg i want my paci i use to laugh and say no more i cut them all but he never forgot it he still hates me for it 20 years later