Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess

I can't believe our little girl turned 3 yesterday!  Oh how our lives have changed these last 3 years.  LeAnne, you are so loved!  Each passing stage of you growing up brings challenges and great joy!  I am so thankful to say you are well on your way to being potty trained!  You are using your imagination more and more every day.  You have a love of numbers and letters and a hunger to learn all you can which is so much fun!  You know your ABC's, recognize all your letters, know most of their sounds, can count to 12, know your shapes & colors.  Sleeping through the night is still a challenge and we hope you sleep through the night consistently soon.  Daddy has been getting on mama for getting you out of your bed.   You absolutely love watching Word world, Super Why, Elmo, Sid the Science Kid and Veggie Tales!!  You come up with some of the funniest things to say, like at your birthday as guests entered you said "Hi Friends, Happy birthday to LeAnne".  You are very polite in your defiance saying "no thanks" when we tell you its time for bed, or to pick up your toys, or you need to brush your hair. Silly girl!  Oh how you have a strong will, temper tantrums can lead to lots of time in your room and I pray you live your life with as much passion as you put into your temper tantrums!  

Your birthday party was so much fun! You chose a princess theme this year and even dressed up as Cinderella. (thank-you auntie).  On 10/10/10 our house was filled with family and friends there to celebrate your birthday! You are one loved little girl!  Oh my our house is now filled with everything Disney princess - tent, dolls, a blanket, clothes,back packs, snow boots, books, a pillow, a ball, coloring pages, pretty panties with princesses, a bike, knee/elbow pads and a helmet too!!  Thank-you so much to everyone who made your birthday so special!!

You & daddy had a blast playing with all your toys and riding your bike yesterday.  You love your T-ball set and alphabet letters too!  :-)  Last night after eating your fave pizza dinner we sung Happy Birthday once more and let you blow out candles and eat cake again. 

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