Sunday, October 24, 2010

LeAnnisms & Random thoughts from Mama Bear

Greeting from Mama bear. :-)  Life seems to fly by so quickly and I don't don't to forget these precious memories so I write them down here at Life with the Leonard's.

It seems like yesterday I met my awesome husband in the living room of my childhood home and now in May we will be celebrating 10 years of marriage.  When my mom told me I had to meet this guy, one of her Eagle Hardware contractors, I was like I am not interested but I amused her and was home the night he stopped by.  From the moment I met him I was interested and wanted to get to know him more.  As I type my heart is still fluttering and a big smile lights up my face. 

I also remember like it was yesterday that early morning pregnancy test that said "pregnant"! I was overjoyed and in shock at the same time.  Now our little miracle is one very busy three year old!  Being a parent is definitely a challenging job but it's also filled with a lot of joy!

 One day earlier this week when LeAnne was home with daddy she kept calling him Daddy, John.  When I got home he was telling me about it and she said "yeah Daddy....John". It was too cute! 

LeAnne is doing an amazing job of going potty on the toilet, so I got to thinking the next step toward being ready for preschool is to be able to use a normal size toilet.  This morning while she was going potty I said "Next week we should start using the big potty", to which she said "No that is mama's potty", so I said well "LeAnne can use it too", she said "no I have my potty".  LOL! She has a point.

Our class at school read a story about Helen Keller which sparked my interest so I rented the movie "Miracle Worker" and we watched it as a family on October 9th.  LeAnne thought it was really cool how Annie Sullivan was signing into Helen's hand and she started saying the words, giving me her hand to have me sign them to her too. This blew me away.  So this morning she walked up me saying "cake" and giving me her hand. It took me a second but that was one of the first words Annie taught Helen. So I signed cake into LeAnne's hand and she was happy. Oh my word this girl has quite the mind, and a memory!  :-) 

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll some pictures to post this week. :-)

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Lynette said...

Time for the lil potty ring to go on the big they fit and don't feel like they will fall in. Then it will be her potty too!

I love that you showed her Helen Keller's story. That was how I meet my best friend...looking for that book and learning some sign. We are still best friends 37 years later.

You dear man, daddy and partner...your momma knew what was good for you too. Seems you are just like her and doing the great job with your lil lady. Wonder if one day you will see her perfect partner?