Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin patch fun with our pumpkin/Meet Jack-O-Lantern

 LeAnne was so excited to go pick out a pumpkin today that the first thing she said this morning was ""Pumpkins ready, go get a BIG pumpkin today"! Then she said she wanted her pumpkin to have eyes, nose, smile and a back. The look on her face as we rounded the corner at Klickers pumpkin patch was priceless.  She couldn't believe all the pumpkins!  I let her pick out two pumpkins then her and daddy found a great BIG pumpkin to carve.  Then she saw the super tall tower of straw with the slide and started climbing.  She LOVED the slide.  Then it was off to play on the boat, some photo moments and the dreaded time to leave the pumpkin patch came way too soon for our little pumpkin.



After nap time LeAnne & daddy cleaned out the big pumpkin and then daddy carved a very nice Jack-O-Lantern.  LeAnne has a blast!





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Eva said...

Oh my word so cute! I love the video of her helping clean out the pumpkin!