Friday, August 26, 2011

Look who got a hair cut & a nice scratch on her face...

Lately LeAnne been telling me what she wants to be when she gets older and one week it was a cooker then the next week she wanted to be a hair cutter like Vickie (her hair stylist).  She even said she would cut my hair all the time. I am imagining myself bald from too many hair cuts. hee hee! On Monday Vickie gave LeAnne a new hair style.  Its cute but a tiny bit too short. It will grow and it is much easier to care for.  Before Vickie started she was sure to tell her "Don't cut too much"! 

Then Tuesday morning while she was taking a bath, while I was putting on my make up I hear a bang follow by her crying.  Poor girl was playing and had hit her face, right under her eye on the water faucet.  Of course this bath faucet has been covered by an adorable yellow rubber ducky for the last 3 1/2 years then a week ago the duck broke so I threw it away.  She had not hit herself the whole time the duck was there then BAM! I have another faucet cover on the way from Target. Daddy says she'll probably never hit it again but I say IF I don't have a new cover for it she will.  The new cover is cool anyway because I can use it to rinse her hair with. 

In other news LeAnne informed me earlier this week she was going to to be going to Kindergarten all by herself. I told her she had a few more years before Kindergarten but she could go to preschool all by herself. I found out this week she will have 7 kids in her class including her.  She's very excited to go back to school.  I start back September 6th and she starts September 12th (Daddy's birthday).

Earlier this week LeAnne comes in from the back yard all upset saying "Bella (our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) is in time out just like we have at school". I say "0h, what happen".  She says "She wouldn't come inside when I called her" I say "Good luck with the time out", and laugh. She says "It's not funny, I am angry"!  Hee hee!! 

See her ouch under her left eye?

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