Friday, August 26, 2011

Sea Creature Creations

This afternoon LeAnne & I used the Beach Buddies Shell Crafts kit from Creativity For Kids to make sea creature creations.  I won this awesome kit from a blog giveaway so it was a few hours of FREE fun! The kit is very well put together and easy to use.  The first thing we did was pick out a sea creature from felt; LeAnne chose a green sea horse and I chose an orange crab.  Next we painted our sea creature and shells. While we waited for the paint to dry LeAnne took a nap.  Once she was up from her nap we glued the shells onto the flannel, added some eyes and we had beautiful sea creations all ready for a puppet show. 

Daddy & Baby Sea Horse

Sebastian the Crab

The sometimes friendly, sometimes angry SHARK!

Then LeAnne and I decorated a piece of paper to look like an ocean backdrop.  I thought it was so precious how she was pretending with her creatures I suggested she put on a show for me and was she ever willing.  Without further babbling form mama bear let the show begin!!!

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