Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Remembering an amazing Friend - Michael Fidecaro

 Michael living across the street from me all my life. (birth until high school)  Through out our childhood we spent a lot of time playing together.  One day we thought it would be a good idea to play tic tac toe on the hard wood floor of my bedroom with a red marker.  That is the only time in my life I ever recall getting soap in my mouth.  I must have gotten lippy with my mama.  We walked to and from school at Highlands Elementary school and then McKnight Middle School (getting rides to school together sometimes).  Halloween was always fun and kinda spooky at his house.  His mom would dress up as a really scary witch and scare us kids.  She also made homemade popcorn balls that were so yummy.  Michael and I spent many an evenings driving around talking or walking at Coulon Park talking.  We both had family struggles and could always count on one another to vent to. I remember the day in high school went we didn't want to stick around for a bbq/field day so we snuck out of school, had lunch at Coulon Park then snuck back into school. LOL!!  Another fun memory I have is from our 1st semester of our Freshman year at Hazen High School.  A lot was going in my life and I begun to spiral, my GPA went from 3.6 to 1.5. I told him I'd be dead after my parents saw my report card.  Upon getting home he brought me over some dead roses in a vase. :-)  On many occasion we'd talk on the phone looking at each other out the window.  Don't ask me now why we did this but it was fun.

Michael was very kind, sweet, sensitive and caring! He was very funny and had this special laugh when he thought something was really funny.  He was a great friend!! He knew how to make you feel special.  He was great at cheering people up.  I also love that if he didn't like what I was doing or if he thought I was about to make a stupid choice he would straight out tell me I was being dumb.  Even though I loved that quality about him I think it contributed to us growing apart during and after high school.  I regret we lost touch but I'll be forever grateful for the many great years we had as best friends. 

I am very sad to say Michael was taken from us way too soon. (15 years ago this September) He is missed by many!  I am thankful to have had him in my life and I look forward to seeing him again one day!!

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Jennifer Guthrie said...


Today is Michaels birthday and I googled him- I read this and I too; miss that special laugh. Have a great day.

Jen (Guthrie) Aliiaana