Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Kickoff

In the evening the day after Thanksgiving our little family enjoyed our towns Christmas kickoff festivities!  Our first stop was the live nativity. A local church put on small skit and we sang some beautiful Christmas songs! Next we walked over to Main Street to enjoy the lighted Christmas parade. The parade was beautiful!  LeAnne was clapping and loving every bit of it.  Of course no farming town Christmas parade would be complete without a huge lighted tractor. :=)  We had a little while before the fireworks would start so we walked over to the bakery for some some coffee to warm up.  The fireworks were amazing!!

Then on Saturday we did some shopping at our stores in town, visited Santa Claus and LeAnne got to play on the new playground in town.  LeAnne was so excited to see Santa and once we got there she clammed up when on his lap.  She was talking very quiet or not at all.  It was the quietest I've EVER seen her.  After we left she talked all afternoon about her visit with Santa.  It was a very fun Christmas kick off!

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