Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy's are important!

One day earlier this week John called me into the living room, as I rounded a corner I saw LeAnne holding onto the window ledge with daddy sitting behind her -- arms reached out to, ready to catch her if she fell. She was so proud of herself. What happened next speaks volumes. LeAnne lost her balance and hit her lil bum on the floor. John says I've been letting her fall down on her butt because she will be doing that a lot. He did quickly add but I don't let her fall all the way down. I smiled and thought to myself "what an important physical and life lesson he's teaching her." As her mama I am don't want her to get hurt so I tend to be over protective (I am working on it). I really appreciate that her daddy is teaching her it's okay to fall down and how she needs to get back up and move on with whatever she is doing. I am very thankful for my husband! He's an awesome husband, and daddy!

Today my mom and I went to church in Walla Walla, took a quick trip to Walmart and then we took lunch to John at work. We sat outside under some big shade trees and had our first picnic. LeAnne was thrilled to play with the french fry box, and paper bags from McDonald's. LOL! She left her mark with daddy -- ha ha -- finger prints all over his sun glasses and badge.

Thank-you to my dad for listening to me babble tonight about parenthood! Thank-you for sharing what was said at your church today -- Children are the prefect gift -- in my frazzled state I LOVED what you said next...something to this effect --if you want to really learn about life, about patience, sacrifice, work, joy, love and so on then have a child. I was rambling on and on about my frustrations. Telling you how I love my daughter beyond measure, I love being a mom, I feel so blessed to have her, but WOW being a parent is a lot of work, the learning curve is STEEP and I am always questioning if I am doing it right. She is one busy, busy girl! Into everything and a bit on the impatient side! I wonder if I am letting her control my life too much, is it normal to get this frazzled, to I feel these ways because she's my first -- I told dad tonight that right now she might be our only child. Dad reminded me to stop and pray. So tonight as I attempted to get LeAnne to go to bed, (when she's exhausted she fights big time to go to bed) I PRAYED for God's guidance -- just then I looked back at LeAnne and she was rubbing her eye with her FOOT -- it was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. Thanks God -- this mama needed that precious moment! Just now I felt God nudging me to remember a verse that's been on my heart for a while now -- Isaiah 41:10 -- "Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand". Amen!! Well John's on his way home with KFC for dinner! Any and all parenting advice/encouragement is welcome! LOL!!

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Eva Foster said...

Oh my I needed to read this post. I am in tears as I have been so frustrated the last couple of days. Matt has even noticed that I've been a bit grumpy. Mac is soooooo active now and is getting very fiesty with us and she also is starting to hit a little. Oh and the yelling. She also has given up her afternoon naps! UGHHHH. Thank you for your words here. You have one amazing family Jana.