Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our 8 month old beauty

Our 8 month old beauty is quite the cutie! As I am typing LeAnne is playing in her walker, babbling up a storm, squealing with delight and boy did she ever think it was cool to catch a glimpse of herself in the oven door. Oops mama spoke too soon -- she just screached with disapproval as she can't quite reach something she wants to play with. She's discovered the I am ticked off screach this month --that is not a fun noise. She's back to blowing raspberries and still chewing on anything she can get her mouth on. She still just has the 2 bottom teeth but more must be gonna pop through soon. Poor baby girl! OUCH! She is sitting by herself most of the time but still get a little wobbly. She is starting to pull herself up and loves playing on the bottom shelf of our book case. Mama just about has a heart attack everytime because I know she's gonna whack her head good one of these times. She definitely knows her name and is learning what no means. The picture here is of her sitting in her toy basket at Grandma Marcia's house. LeAnne & I spent a few days there while our water was shut off due to a broken pipe. Thankfully John and a co-worker fixed it today! Yahooooooo we have water. Little miss LeAnne has an independent streak a mile wide! Most of the time she will refuse the pacifier if we give it to her but will put it in her own mouth. She loves eating ice, watermelon and apple in her little net thing. She tried cantaloupe grandma's this week and isn't sure what to think of that. We've been trying some of the 2nd foods with her -- her new fave is Banana & berries. We got to see daddy at work this week and met the Chief. John said the chief thought she was pretty cute. LeAnne loved daddy's badge and mama thought daddy looked mighty handsome in his uniform. At the moment she is doing whatever she can to stay awake. I just put her in her swing because she was fighting me something terrible. The swing and car rides work like a charm to get her to sleep. I feel so very blessed. I am so thankful God gave us our little girl. We love her so very much!

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Eva Foster said...

8 months already! Where has the time gone?? She sure is a beauty Jana! I bet you are having the time of your life.