Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fun family day!

We've had some challenging days with lil missy teething and mama just plain missin her man so I wanted to share about a fun day we had. Today was the Waitsburg community yard sale and this mama was feeling the need to get OUT of the house. LeAnne & I woke up daddy and before we knew it we were picking up grandma Marcia and off to Waitsburg we went. (Waitsburg is 10 miles away) We spent a few hours driving around town stopping at different yard sales and admiring the neat old houses. LeAnne was such a good girl and of course we got lots of comments about all the hair she has. We didn't have any huge scores but we all found a few things that had to come home with us. :-) Then we grabbed lunch at DQS (Dayton Quick Stop) and headed to Grandmas for lunch. Have I told her how good LeAnne was today! She LOVES being outside. Then later this afternoon the whole family (fur-babies included) took a walk around our neighborhood. It was so much being OUT of the house, taking in the sites (nature & wild life), talking to my hubby, talking to a few people and listening to LeAnne babbling. It was a very nice day -- I LOVE my family so much! I am truly blessed! Here are a few pictures of our little climber. LeAnne has taken to pulling herself into the book case, has almost pulled herself upright and has pulled herself up one stair with. EEKS she's on the move. I helped her pull herself up so she could see out the window yesterday and she was loving that. She gets so proud of herself. She's defiantly an independent one! Love ya'll !!!

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