Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer is my favorite season because...

Amanda comes to visit us for longer periods of time!!! Yipeee! It's only a matter of hours now before our girl's flight arrives. We will pick her up from the Pasco airport at 6pm. I can't wait to give her a huge hug! I wait all year for this extended period of time when she is with us. I LOVE being able to see her every day, to be able to hug her, to tell her I love her in person and just share everyday life with her. This summer will be even more sweet because I will get to watch my girls interact and bond as sisters. I can't wait for Amanda & I to have our girls day. We are going to Walla Walla for a day of pampering and adventure. We will get a pedicure and do some window shopping. John already has some vacation time saved up so he will be able to take a fews days off in the middle of 2 weeks rotations and that will give him 2 7 day breaks. One at the beginning of the month and one at the end of the month. John has projects in mind that he will need Amanda's help with as she is trying to earn some money. He also plans to work with her on her driving and teach her the joys of driving. Ya know like chaining a tire, changing the oil, paying for gas, paying for maintenance and repairs. Where does the time fly? I remember the day we met like it was yesterday. I remember the first time we went camping and certain 6 year old girl said "can you stay with me until I fall asleep, you will know I am asleep when I start to snore". I am still amazed such a loud noise could come from such a small body. LOL! Another fond memory I have is leading Amanda to make the decision to accept Jesus as her personal Savior. I remember her saying will you come to my bedroom with me and pray that pray. Oh so precious. How quickly they grow up. Well I hear my little girl waking up... We are going to the Lavender fair today in Waitsburg with G-ma marcia, Aunt Katie and Grandma Nana. I'll be sure to take pictures. Daddy's home so I am off to make him some breakfast before he goes to sleep.

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