Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Here come the boo boo's

Okay so can I put a force field around LeAnne so when she falls she will just bounce and not get hurt? LOL! Where do I find the magic Band-aides then? The cute ones that take away the pain. I know we have lots of bumps and bruises in her future. :-( So yesterday she was being really crabby so I just put her in her crib with her music box. She got really quiet so I went to see if maybe she was asleep. Oh no I walk into find her standing up, holding onto the side of her crib. WHAT? Are you kidding me? So daddy lowered the crib to the last notch. She can still stand but can't fall out of her crib. The pictures are her standing after the crib was lowered. Not a minute after this pic was taken she fell HARD. OUCH! Then this morning I woke up to her screaming because she fell down. EEKS! Look out. She wants to pull up on everything. Oh boy

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Eva Foster said...

Oh I remember when I walked in on Mackenzie doing the exact same thing. It scared me! She is now climbing down off of the couch! We had our first temper tantrum tonight and boy was it fun for Matt and I. Ugh I am exhausted.