Friday, July 11, 2008

LeAnne is starting another month with another tooth!

Happy 9 months old my sweet baby girl!!! Your mama LOVES yo so much!! You have brought great joy to my life!! As I type I am watching you munching on your zweiback toast and sucking on your sugar free Kool-aid Popsicle. You've been a little crabby the last few days so I was none too surprised when grandma Marcia saw you were sportin a new tooth on top. Yahooooo! Go baby go! You are loving being able to feed yourself toast, cookies, Cheerios and Popsicle's these days! You don't like having to take time out to eat mushy baby food. My lil miss independent girl!! No more commando crawling for you! You are so fast crawling on your hands and knees. You love pulling up on EVERYTHING, can side step okay and when you're feeling brave tried to take a step on your own. You don't mind falling on your bum -- diapers provide a good cushion -- but when you hit your head oh boy look out -- you're a screamer! Mama can' wait to see how much you've grown at your Dr apt on July 30th. It seems lately you've been going through quite a grow spurt. Mama can't believe you're 9 months old already! WOW where does the time go. You'll be a year old in 3 months -- that doesn't seem possible. Mama has already started pondering themes for your party. I feel so blessed to have been able to stay home with you this long sweetie!! I wish I NEVER had to leave you. How I daddy & I didn't have debt to pay off so I could be home with you. Mama continues to look for work -- pondering ideas like selling Creative Memories, after-school daycare, and substitute teacher's aid. God has provided for our family so I have great faith He will keep on providing all we need. You are such a beautiful girl! You made mama's heart leap for joy!! Please be good to daddy on July 15th - Mama, your sister and grandma Marcia are going to taking a CPR training class that night. Your daddy loves you so much and oh boy do you try his patience sometimes. Watching you and your sister Amanda interact has pretty much made up my mind that yes we will have another baby, just not sure when. I want you to have a sibling. I know I love my brother and sister very much and I want to give you that chance too!! Okay well I need to finish feeding you your dinner. I have pictures today from our walk to the park I'll post later.

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Eva Foster said...

This is a beautiful post Jana. You have a beautiful family! I can't believe LeAnne is 9 months old. Way to go kiddo on the new tooth!