Saturday, July 12, 2008

Update on my prayer request for Mike S.

July 14th

*** Mike is back in the hospital due to high levels of potassium in his blood. Please pray they get his potatssium levels under control.

** another update -- As of Saturday Mike was going home! Wahooooooooooo!!! Praise God! Please pray for Mike's continued recovery! Also praises for the fast healing of Paul (kidney donnor) he is home doing great and was even at church Sunday!

I wanted to thank-you so much for your prayers for my dear friend who had a kidney transplant a week or so ago! Keep them prayers coming! PRAISE God! Mike is doing well. He had some time where they were not sure the kidney was going to work but as of yesterday afternoon he is doing great. They are still trying tro get the levels right on his blood thinner but hopefully he will be able to go home soon. His friend who donated the kidney is home and doing well. Thanks again for your prayers! God is so GREAT!!!

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