Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our girls

Join me for a sneak peak of summer life with our girl. :-) Amanda's first flight on her own went very well. She said it felt like a 20 minute flight. Daddy had to do a double take when we saw her walking towards us at the airport. She's grown up so much! The night she got here she drove with John to the Mexican restaurant in town to grab some dinner. John said she did well. We are both so excited with how much she is interacting with LeAnne. LeAnne thinks her big sister is pretty cool. Watching them have raspberry wars is priceless! It's been a little odd for me to balance time with LeAnne and Amanda. I am so use to focusing only on Amanda when she is with us but now lil girl demands a lot of attention. I look forward to spending some one on one time with Amanda when we have our girls day. We did leave LeAnne with Grandma Marcia a few nights ago so we could go to Walla Walla to do some shopping. That was fun but as always odd to be away from her too. She did well with Grandma, Auntie Katie and Nana. She's one busy bee and I am sure kept them on their toes. I know Auntie Katie has lots of pictures to share with everyone. Thank-you for all the hugz ~ I miss my Boeing family! John & I are really enjoying spending time with Amanda! John & Savana are hooked to Guitar Hero -- we may have a Wii in our future. John has 2 more nights to work then he is off for 7 days! Wahoooooo!! He and Amanda are going to rebuild our deck, we are going down to the Tucannon Valley for a 4th of July picnic and we are having a garage sale on that weekend. Well John just woke up Amanda and LeAnne is taking a nap so I'd better get some things done while I can. Today we are going to have LeAnne try out her little swimming pool. She is wearing an outfit her big sister picked out for her. (brown board shorts and a orange summer shirt with a tiger on it) We are one blessed family!

P.S. Please Pray for Pastor Mike & Paul Weaver. Mike & his wife were my 4-H leaders when I showed horses, Mike & his wife took us to the event where I accepted Christ as my savior, Mike is the ministries pastor at the church we attended in Renton -- Mike will be having a kidney transplant today at UW and Paul is providing the kidney. Thank-you!

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Eva Foster said...

Oh my gosh look at Amanda! She is so beautiful! Can I have her hair please? I can't believe how much bigger LeAnne is all of a sudden! I love the pool!!