Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Precious note from Amanda & random pics

Hey ya'll !!! Yesterday Amanda says to me did ya see my latest bulitan post on myspace. I told her no, that some certain little person was keeping me busy. She said well you should check it out. It is very sweet so I had to share. She really does love her sister! We love watching them together. I think this has been great for Amanda too because she knows she doesn't want kids for a LONG time.

Amanda's bulletin from my space;
so my lil sister (who will be 10 months on the 11th) has started to pull up on things a lil before i got up here, then about a week ago she started standing for a couple seconds then fall over. then today she was at the window seal (her favorite place to pull up) and she let go and was standing for like half a minuet. when i got home today from Walla Walla (the second time) she stood up on her huggies box and stood for the longest time without any one touching her and then caught herself back on the box, after that she went over to the lazy boy and almost took a step without holding on (the only thing that stopped her is that her pj's are kinda too big.after she almost took a step she sat down and started playing with the dogs toys but the dog took it away, she wasn't happy but she didn't cry (which is good) so she took one of her toys and handed it to the dogs then took the one that she was playing with and the dogs took! shes getting smart....its so cool being able to see her learning stuff and doing things that i wouldn't be able to see if i didn't come up here... we think shes gonna start walking soon and it would be so cool if she did before i went home shes also learning how to clap.... she loves to raspberry too lol im so happy that i get to see this (i know it seems kinda corny but i don't care!) well i just wanted to tell people that care about this kinda stuff and will read it

Very precious eh! It's true LeAnne is VERY close to standing on her own in the middle of the room. I hear once they do that walking is very close. I hope Amanda can see it before she goes home. Oh how we'd love to have Amanda living with us! She has expressed interest into going to College here but we shall see. She's welcome here ANYTIME!
Now for a few pictures from Silverwood amusement/water park. I will also throw in a picture from the other day when LeAnne, Amanda, the pups and I went to Palouse falls. It was so beautiful and a fun girls adventure. Love ya'll !

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Eva Foster said...

Oh my gosh, that is the most sweetest bulletin I have ever read. You can tell how much Amanda loves being with you guys and watching LeAnne learn so much. How precious Jana. It made me tear us, seriously. I can't believe LeAnne is standing!! That is awesome!!!!! Quick question, how the heck do you keep your house clean? I am struggling to find the time unless she is asleep which I just want to sit at that time. I can't do it while she is awake, she messes up right behind me.