Friday, August 27, 2010

Bump 2 Baby event

Children are awesome and um EXPENSIVE! Our storage room is stuffed with baby clothing, equipment and toys just waiting for little Leonard # 2 to make his or her appearance.  I often day dream about little Christian Thomas or Hailey Josephine...

Are you pregnant? Recently had a baby? Maybe you're a soon to be grandma or in the process of trying to conceive? Regardless of which category you fit into if you have baby on the brain I have an event you don't want to miss!  Two amazing mommy bloggers J.Leigh Designz & Minnesota Mama's Must Haves have teamed up to host an amazing event from prized you'll use while pregnant and after your little bundle of joy arrives. This Event will feature many, and I mean many, amazing products that every mom would love to have.

You know I'll be entering like crazy! It may mean less sleep for this mama cause Sept is going to be a time for transition; back to work for me, back to nights for daddy and back to daycare for LeAnne. I'll sacrifice a little sleep for the chance to win big! :-)

The Bump 2 Baby Event starts September 1st.  Get a sneak peak at the sponsors and get your bonus entries.

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