Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moments of our lives - Week 4

This week was a bit of a blur and I did keep up with this post daily but here we go...

Tues 8/17/10 - It's letter G week and  I found recipe online to make gum drops using water & Jell-0. All I had in the cupboard was lime so I made green gum drops. It sorda works.  Its not gummy rather a big ball of sugar & isn't a pleasant taste. I am wondering if I made another flavor and only used a tiny drop of water so they were smaller if it would be better.  I may try this or next time buy some gum drops at the dollar store. :-) Grandma Marcia came to our rescue by getting LeAnne some gummy bears. :-)

Tues 8/17/10- I got goodies from Mr. Fed Ex & Mr. UPS today!  Mr Fed Ex delivered the Flip Slide HD camcorder I won!  LeAnne was napping when it arrived so I was able to figure out how it worked. Oh I LOVE this thing!! It's so easy to use, takes great quality videos and it's easy to upload and share your videos.  You'll certainly be seeing a few vlog's from us. :-)  Then Mr. UPS delivered my winnings from Growing Tree Toys.  A roll of paper to put on LeAnne's easel, wooden magnetic alphabet letters and an alphabet book.  The latter 2 items will be for her birthday.

Tues 8/17/10 -  When LeAnne got up we put glue onto a capital and lower case G then added glitter.  Oh what a mess! I think I need to get some of those glitter glue pens.  LeAnne loved it! According to LeAnne it was "perfect", this is her newest word she uses when things are just the way she like them. :-) 

Wednesday 8/18/10 - Will this girl ever sleep well consistently?  She woke me up around 1pm, cry sounded odd so I got up, rocked her a minute and back to bed we went. Then she woke me again around 3am, but I could tell she was fine so I turned the monitor down and from time to time turned it up to see if she was okay.  Soon it went quiet but the next thing I know the cry and hey mom sounded really close with the monitor down.  This would be because she was standing outside our door! Ahhh this is a first, she got outa bed, walked upstairs.  On the way back down stairs she tells me she is wet, I change her then she's ready to hang out and I am like um NO you are going back to bed.  Oh dear girl!

Thursday 8/19/10 - I actually went out tonight to do something fun!  I went to a Lia Sophia jewelery part a friend had. I won a nice necklace playing ring bingo and bought a really nice necklace.  There is so much I want so I think I am going to have a party in November. Who wants to come or place an order via mail that will count towards my party?

Friday 8/20/10 -   7:30 am the phone rings, its John calling, oh no what's wrong?  The truck lost oil pressure then died on his way to work. :-(  He had it towed to a repair shop and we should find out Monday what's wrong. He ran a diagnostic on it before the tow truck got there and thinks the engine could have seized and that will be pricey. :-(

Friday - LeAnne & I started on the letter H today.  She's doing really well with the sound for H.  We also did some stamping with hearts, and a house.  She is also working on her first ever bible verse this week (Love your God with all your heart Mathew 22:37) She's doing well! :-)

Friday night - LeAnne Kimberly! Girl what am I to do with you... up screaming once, get her back to sleep, then up again, I try to ignore so she goes back to sleep but before I know it she was up stairs, opened our door saying "mama wake up". Oh boy!  

Saturday 8/22/10 - Made an H cake today with a cool pan that Elaine got for me. It turned out well. :-)

Sunday 8/22/10 - Today was a really good day!  LeAnne & I had fun just hanging out at home and I felt good.  I like feeling like I can cope with whatever comes my way.  I want more days like today.  After LeAnne woke up from her nap we played with shaving cream.  She wasn't sure what to think but enjoyed it.  I had a great video of her making a capital H and saying her bible verse but oops I deleted it. :-(

Having turkeys in our front yard never gets old (as long as they don't tear up the flower beds). We even got a HUGE turkey feather this week from one of them. LeAnne is a little disturbed that the feather came out of the turkey. 

I am excited to see my student tomorrow for some testing.  I do miss him!  I LOVE being home though. I am going to miss my girl when I go back to work. I feel torn. I LOVE Summer!!  Okay gotta wrap this up and hang out with my girl. 


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Lynette said...

Seems like a busy week. Sorry to hear about the truck. Those things have a way of tearing us up as they work out. Your doing so fantastic on working on learning with the letters. Proud of you!

That one girl said...

Oooh, I want that 'H' cake! Yum!

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