Monday, August 30, 2010

Moments of our Lives - Week 5

Hello again!  This week is a bit of a blur.

I loved seeing my student on Monday.  He has grown a ton and is looking more and more like his dad.  I met with him and his Occupational Therapist to do some testing since she will be moving on to another job.  We will miss her a ton. She helped us learn a lot last year about his Sensory Integration Dysfunction. I am looking forward to new challenges with my student this year.

On Wednesday while I went to my doctor appointment daddy made a hat with LeAnne.  She has enjoyed wearing it all week long.

Friday morning we took LeAnne to Sears to have her pictures taken.  She did very well and they turned out nice.  Click here to view the pictures. 

Friday afternoon LeAnne discovered she how to hit a ball with her bubble wand and LOVED it.  Daddy and I were amazed at how well she was doing.  Will she be the athlete in our family?  I said can you say scholarship and daddy says can you say team USA.

This is John's last weekend on days until February. He starts working nights next week. :-( We don't like it but that's just the way it.  We'll make the best of it and look forward to February and be thankful for all the time he has been on days. 

Sunday was a girls day because our guy got called in to work.  Sunday over time pay we gotta take it.  LeAnne and I had a laid back Sunday. We started working on the letter I with a few crafts.  The high point of our day was walking to the city park across town for the Rockin Redeemer concert.  LeAnne played in the park while we listened to a variety of Christian artists sing.  It was a fun time of play and worship. 

LeAnne has been very into the Veggie Tales these days and is starting to sing the theme song.  It's absolutely adorable!! We love these precious veggies! 

Its so sad to think I only have one more Monday of summer vacation.  School starts Tuesday Sept 6th.  On one hand I'll really miss the lazy days of summer but on the other hand  I be happy to have our routine back, happy to see my co-workers and my student.  I hate the thought of not being with LeAnne so much but I know grandma Marcia has miss her and we'll make it work.  Next week I'll recap our summer and set some goals for the school year. :-)

Have an amazing week!  HUGZ!

The Leonard's


Anonymous said...

Leanne looks so much like you in some of the pictures . . . especially her smile.

Lynette said...

How do they grow so fast? But they do and we are so thankful for pictures.

Daddy is doing good taking care of yall, just keep that in mind. So many men do not do that.