Monday, August 16, 2010

Moments of our lives - Week 3

Hello again!

Mon 8/9/10 - I love grocery shopping with my husband!  We share EVERYTHING when it comes to finances so I think its important we share in the spending of the money too.  Plus he's a really good shopping partner.  We go aisle by aisle and get it done. We've also teamed up to spend our  money (God's money) smarter by clipping coupons and using the grocery game  to help us find the deals.

Tues 8/10/10 - I had another appointment with the dermatologist to get the plantar warts on my right food treated. He froze 2 and put blister juice on 4 of them.  You know it's gonna be bad when the doctor warns you about infection (keep em clean), tells me not to hesitate to come in if I think infected and then says 3 times you WILL be in pain for at least 5 days. He says take it as easy as you can, take over the counter pain meds and keep your foot up.  I said "Great", just what the mother of an almost 3 year old wants to hear.

Tues 8/10/10 - This morning John was drinking his coffee out of his Veterans cup; LeAnne spells it out V E T E R A N and then says "coffee".  Daddy thought that was pretty darn cute. :-)

Wed 8/11/10 - OUCH! I am pretty sure I am DONE with my foot.  Thinking cutting the warts out the first time would have been smarter, instead of having to heal twice and hoping not to have to do it again in 5 weeks! Ahhh I can't do it again! I'll be back at work and there is no way I can walk.  I borrowed a pair of crutches from my mom but I am not sure what is worse, hobbling on my heal or using the crutches. I feel like the biggest baby on the block and I hate not being able to do anything without my foot throbbing.  So I do a few things, sit down to rest, do a few more things and that has been my day.  Thank God LeAnne is being mellow for mama today!!

Wed 8/11/10 - I got a call today from my Mary Kay director who was also a childhood 4-H friend.  I appreciate her A LOT!  She told me she is going to be talking about me tonight at the unit meeting because she has chosen me to be her most improved consultant. Yeah!  Plus I've heard I have a prize coming. :-) Thank-you for being so supportive Shelly!!

Thurs 8/12/10 - OUCH! my foot hurts so bad. Just coming down the stairs this morning was rough and I even thought about sliding on my buns a few times.  I am very thankful my awesome husband called in sick today to stay home to take care of his girls.  

Friday 8/13/10 - I am sick of talking about my foot.  I feel like a whiner. I am sick of sitting around all day long. I want the full use of my foot back.  I miss my foot! LOL!!  Good news is that I am able to walk on my toes some today!  I am hoping & praying my foot is well enough tomorrow John and I can still go on our day in Tri -Cities together.  We need a day to ourselves!

Saturday 8/14/10 - Tri-Cities here we come!!  LeAnne spent the afternoon with grandma Marcia while daddy & I had some much needed time alone.  Wrap that foot up good and we are going!  It was so nice to spend time together and not be heading to a doctor appointment. First stop was Khol's where we got some fall clothes for LeAnne.  Next stop Shopko to get some fall clothes for me!  John was such a big help! I was so shocked when he even said he wanted to see each thing as I tried it on. It was really nice to have his opinion.  I was even presently surprised to have gone down a jean size! As soon as this foot is better I will be hitting the Wii fit work outs hard. I MUST get this body of mine in shape! After ShopKo we headed to Olive Garden for an early dinner. Oh man you talk about yummy! It was such a nice treat. On the way home John was really sleepy so I tried talking about anything and everything to keep him alert.  We shared some laughs and I learned my husband doesn't like small talk, almost 10 years together and I am still learning new things about him. :-)  LeAnne had a very nice afternoon with grandma!

Sunday 8/15/10 - oops! We didn't get a move on it this morning so were not making it to church...darn! John is on his way to moms to mow and build some gates for her deck to keep the dogs off her awesome deck carpeting. :-) LeAnne and I  listened to music, danced  and cleaned the house.  Then while LeAnne napped mama finished up cutting/organizing her coupon binder.  So far clipping coupons,and hunting for the deals is saving us money.

Sunday 8/15/10 - We had some bubble fun this afternoon! It was lots of fun until LeAnne got some bubbles in her eyes.  As you'll notice in the video our neurotic bubble chasing Cavalier had lots of fun too.  Once Bella starts chasing bubbles she won't stop until there are no bubbles to be popped.  The poor bubble popping pooch wasn't feeling so well when we finished.  Her eyes were all read and she even got a little sick.  Good thing we don't do this often.

I can't believe Summer is coming to an end!  I don't want these lazy summer days to end!  LeAnne has been so much fun this summer.  I have been having dreams about school and I do miss my boy.  We have begun to plan a baby shower/birthday party family weekend for the 2nd weekend in October.  I can't believe LeAnne will be 3 soon! She requested a princess birthday, I am thinking we'll do a Cinderella theme.

Thanks for tuning into the moments of our lives!  Have an amazing week!

Love ya!

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Traci Michele said...

Grocery shopping with Hubby is fun! :-)

Lynette said...

ok something is really wrong here
your doing the mary kay
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not fair at all!