Sunday, August 8, 2010

Moments of our Lives - week # 2

Last week was another week full of sun and fun!

Sunday 8/1 - Is is really August 1st? No No No I refuse to believe Summer is coming to an end! :-( boo hoo! I am having way too much fun at home with my family to have to go back to work.  One day I hope we can figure out a way for me to be a stay at home mama.  For now I have to focus on the fact God has placed a very awesome young man, who will be a 3rd grader this year, into my life and it's my job to guide him through the next few years.  This year is going to be quite the transition for my student.  He will be going into a new classroom, the academics will be getting harder  and I am going to start slowly steppin back to help him step UP so he can be more independent.  I do miss him!!

Letter E crafts

Sunday 8/1 - LeAnne & I made her letter E crafts today.  She wasn't quite into coloring so it was a bit of a struggle but I managed to get her to follow a wee bit of my directions which is all I ask.  She really loves the glue!

 Sun 8/1 - Grandma Marcia is home!  We missed her!  We got to see auntie Katie today.  Thank -you so much Jakobi for the awesome blue bouncing pony.  LeAnne really enjoys him!

Mon 8/2- We got to see Auntie Katie before she went home. We made a book of 8 Eights today - it has 8 stamps, 8 stickers, 8 buttons, 8 letter E's, and 8 people in it.  LeAnne did an awesome job of counting to 8.
Tues 8/3 - We decorated an big letter E with lots of eyeballs today. :-) Tonight was our towns National Night Out celebration at our city park. Its a night to help make the community aware of the services available to them (Police, Fire, & Health) LeAnne was deputized with a Jr deputy badge, and also got a fire man hat she keeps wearing backwards.  It was fun!

Thursday 8/5 - Who's that silly girl inside her pillow case scooting around the floor laughing saying "look mama"?  Oh yeah that would be our goof daughter LeAnne! Earlier today she had it on her head and was trying to bounce on the trampoline.

Friday 8/6 - I LOVE being a mama!  Watching LeAnne dance around & sing this morning has made me feel such joy!

Fri 8/6 - I think I might have figure out where I need to be right now with my Mary Kay business.  I absolutely love the product, I enjoy helping other women feel good about themselves, I see the potential of my business and right now where I am at in my life I think it needs to be a slow steady business.  I'd love nothing more than to be home with LeAnne as a stay at home mom and at the same time God has brought an amazing 3rd grader into my life.  I am committed to the next 3 years with my student and I feel that is where I am meant to be.  I do want to continue with my Mary Kay business to pay off my debt, keep serving my customers, and build my business slow and steady.  That being said I have one thing unresolved; we really would like to have one more child sooner rather than later (we are not getting any younger) but their is the issue of daycare. The who and how can we ever afford.... the ultimate goal is to figure out a way for me to be a SAHM, I was hoping Mary Kay would be that way for me, I still have not ruled it out and I am praying to see God's will. 

Fri 8/6 - LeAnne took a little spill at grandma Marcia's today.  She tripped over a hose and hit the bench. Split her lip open, little bruise on the chin and one on her eye.  A banana made it all better. Then she enjoyed picking plums at grandma's neighbors house.

Sat 8/7 - Boy our girl is an early riser (6am) and she wakes up ready to go.  She often wakes up asking questions or telling me everyone's eye color or thanking us for something.  This morning she commented on how cute the alphabet letters I made and taped to her wall yesterday.  She's a precious girl! :-)

Sun 8/8 - It's been a while since she was up this much at night.  I think I went to bed at 3am.

Sun 8/8 - Today was an excellent day!  Grandma Marcia came to church with us and really liked it!

Gracie & Bella have always been really great about leaving LeAnne's toys alone but LeAnne on the other hand thinks the dog toys are her toys. This week she has been acting like a dog; bringing me a dog toy in her mouth and wanting me to play fetch with it. Silly girl!

Hanging out in the dogs toy box with Gracie.

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Our Family said...

She's so sweet! I like that picture of her in the basket... my girls like to sit in baskets too. :) Looks like you had an overall good week.