Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Kick off, Santa and Sugar Plum Elf

The day after Thanksgiving Grandma Marcia, LeAnne, Christian and I went to check out Christmas kick off in our little town. We looked in some shops, enjoyed some music, popcorn and went to see Santa.  All was going well for both kids to have their picture taken with Santa but as we waiting in line Christian pulled LeAnne's hair and she had a major meltdown. There was no consoling for convincing her to have her picture taken with Santa so just Christian had his picture taken with Santa. He looked so adorable in his little Santa suit and he got his first taste of candy cane.

December 1st Santa sent LeAnne a scout elf to keep an eye on her during the Christmas season. LeAnne named her else Sugar Plum Elf.  She watches LeAnne all day long then flies back to the North Pole at night to report to Santa how she is behaving. Then every night she flies back and hides in a new location.

Sugar plum Elf taking a Marshmallow bath

First Santa picture & Candy Cane
LeAnne and Sugar Plum in the light

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