Monday, December 16, 2013

Thanksgiving and Christian's 7 months pix

We spent this Thanksgiving at my mom's neighbors house Glenda/Tom with mom. It was a lot of fun and so amazing to see how well Tom is doing.  He collapsed into his wife's arms on October 11th and died.  She did CPR, thought for sure he was gone, was flown to hospital in Spokane where it was discovered that he has Sudden Infant Death Syndrome but the adult type. The doctors were amazed at his recovery. They credit his wife doing CPR that he was still alive. Most people they see with this condition don't live or are vegetables. Many tests were done and doctors flew n from all over the country to talk with him. A pace maker was put in and he came home a month after he went into the hospital. A real miracle for sure! Praise God!!

Earlier in November Grammy Sally and Grampy Ron came up for a visit. It's always great to see them. LeAnne had so much fun playing with Grammy and I was shocked that this visit Ron actually held Christian.

Christian is now commando crawling very quickly and starting to put his knees up to crawl, He is the happiest kid, he is sitting up much better, has found his voice and is such a content baby.

LeAnne got an award from school for running laps, and excellence in reading and math! I met with her teacher for her first conference the beginning of November. We are on her way to the conference and she asks me why we are going to see her teacher. I explain she wants to tell me how you are doing in school and your behavior. She gets really quiet and then says "I punched a kid the other day". OMG it was so funny but then I was like WHAT why did I not hear about this. She said Mrs. Wamble took care of it.  The conference went great. She is doing well in all her academics and doing better socially and emotionally. I told her teacher about our conversation on the way there and she said yes that did happen and we handled it. Her only low scores on her report card were socially, getting along with others,and  respecting others. Her teacher said she is doing better, less emotional breakdowns and they will continue to work on social skills. I am so happy we kept her in Kindergarten another year. She is doing first grade reading int he first grade classroom so I met with that teacher later that week.  She is doing well, told me she is a sight reader and gave me some worksheets to work with her on sounding out words skills.  I am very proud of our girl!

Tasting his first cookie

Eating Blueberries for first time

Hat day

Loves to hear sister read

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