Monday, December 16, 2013

From Cloth diapers to Sibling memories and anything I else I can think of...

I got a bit behind on our family blog so I am going through photos and a downloaded copy of my Facebook status to try to capture some family memories. In May 2013 I ordered 3 custom made embroidered diapers for Christian from Sweet Southern Bums and after waiting what seemed like forever I finally got his diapers the beginning of October. They're adorable! See pix below.  In the meantime upon John's request I ordered a custom made WSU cougars diaper from Click-a-doo-dipes located in Spokane. She was excellent to work with and quick. I was so happy with how the diaper turned out I decided instead of waiting to get back on the wait list for Sweet Southern  Bums I would ask her to make me a custom Police Officer diaper using one of John's old shirts and badges. She was amazing to work with and the end result is AWESOME!!! John was so happy with it he was showing guys at work pictures of the diaper and I loved seeing the smile on his face. :-)

Precious kiddos

Daddy and his kids having fun
Love these overalls

WSU Cougars diaper I had custom made
Daddy & Jr Officer Leonard

Fire safety 

I had these diapers custom made

Learning to sit up

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